We believe that it is important that you are able to make an informed choice about the safety and comfort of your drivers so please consider the following facts:-

Advantages of Pro-Seat cushion over Poured Ener-Core EC50 which 

  • Has uneven density of finished product with hard and soft areas creating differing pressure points in an impact.
  • As it is a foam, it hydraulics like a liquid under impact according to an FIA Institute spokesman:-” if the foam is a two component foam, then I can inform you that we will not accept this type of foam, because the mechanical characteristics could change based on the way the foam is produced. We are planning to accept only the foams which are manufactured in controlled conditions, where the quality and uniformity of the foam can be guaranteed”
  • Creates an unnatural seating position as driver is tense when the liquid is poured….propped up by bits of foam!!
  • Cannot provide driver with optimal support, as a liquid cannot be manipulated to provide support around the ribcage or shoulders or controlled to give a comfortable seat cushion.
  • Time and money is often wasted with many attempts, trying to achieve the correct position for the driver.

Advantages of Pro-Seat custom moulded cushions, over outdated expanded polystyrene EPS and epoxy resin bead seats and similar DIY kits

  • The materials used in many bead seats are designed for single impact ( like the lining of a crash helmet &electrical goods packaging) just see their disclaimers.
  • Whilst these systems may look similar to the Pro-Seat colloid technology, they share none of the components, they have copied only our methodology.
  • Purchased DIY kits always result in inferior products and waste valuable time and money.

Advantages of Pro-Seat custom moulded removable cushions over CNC machined seat inserts

  • CNC machined inserts have impossible lead times……. Pro-Seat cushions are manufactured on site e.g. a seat can be moulded in the evening and can be used the following morning.
  • Pro-Seat base cushions and additional driver cushions are unique to each driver. Not an average of more than one drivers data, which always results in the seat fitting no one accurately, or safely.
  • Transferred data from a scanned bead seat can never accurately reflect a drivers complex body shape and always results in a poor fit. Team spokesman quote.. “they averaged out the 3 drivers scans so no one fitted the seat!!”
  • Pro-Seat cushion are far more cost effective as it is a single stage process not four and the weight is prohibitive.
  • It is often stated that once the data is recorded you can easily order a replacement seat following a crash…..WHY WOULD YOU ever NEED TO DO THAT? ……………………..?
  • Pro-Seat have never had to replace a seat in 27 years following a crash.

Advantages of Pro-Seat cushion over any poured 2-part urethane foam

  • No one in their right mind would consider using a 2-part foam or any other foam seat in an attempt to position their driver accurately or protect their driver from injury. 2-part foam crushes on impact and can lead to catastrophic slackening of seat belts.