The unique Pro-Seat colloid technology© ™ system was developed over 25 years ago by Trevor Powell, the Pro-Seat system owner, as a totally new concept in the production of individually tailored, custom made, racecar safety seating.

Pro-Seat is a long established, cost-effective alternative to any other seat cushion. It is  custom made with unique to Pro-Seat energy absorbing materials using colloid technology©, which are vacuum formed around the driver. The Pro-Seat system and is suitable for all motorsport applications from Formula 1 to Karts.

The Pro-Seat system allows the driver time to achieve the optimum position and correct fit. The accuracy of fit and the opportunity to achieve the optimum position, can improve not only the comfort and safety of the driver, but also lead to better levels of chassis feedback.

The independently proven ( MIRA 1997) the energy absorbing properties of the unique to Pro-Seat materials used, reduce the effects of vibration and can increase the safety of the driver, most especially in rear impacts. Pro-Seat is the only seat cushion material using unique colloid technology independently tested by MIRA & GM in the USA and is approved for use in Championship cars in the USA.

The Pro-Seat system has been successfully used in all motorsport applications and we are pleased to be associated with over 45  World Champions and some of our seats are still in constant use after 10 years.

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